The Books!

Books are truly the most important things! Here’s an alphabetical and exhaustive list of all the books we’ve mentioned in the podcast or on the blog, with links towards retailers. For each book we say in which episode(s) or blog post(s) it was mentioned, discussed, or reviewed. Links to blog reviews are provided. Hope it’s helpful!

Why we link to Waterstones.

We believe that in order to support the publishing industry, the authors, the illustrators, the agents, it is very important to buy from actual bookstores such as, but in no way limited to, Waterstones. We’re not rich – Clementine is a student and Lauren works in publishing, remember! – but we do try to buy from real bookshops as often as possible, and we want to encourage you to do so too.

So we link the books listed here to the Waterstones website rather than Amazon because we like bookstores and we think Amazon does not help the industry as much. But of course we’re equally delighted if you buy the books from any bookstore – especially independent. And alternatively, of course, borrowing them from libraries will support libraries!

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