Who’s behind this?




Lauren and Clementine are children’s literature enthusiasts.

( Not children.) (Not mums.) (Not teachers.) (Not librarians.)

But children’s literature enthusiasts all the same. They met at the lovely (though windy) University of Cambridge, UK, where they both studied Children’s Literature, first as undergrads, then as MPhil students. And then they each took a different path to work with children’s books in different ways.

Lauren is working in publishing, hoping to become a Children’s Book Editor in the near future. She knows everything (probably more than she’s allowed to reveal) about the nooks and crannies of the publishing world. From USPs and consumer propositions through to the grim destiny (or perhaps not) of the traditional book, she’ll tell us about children’s literature from the hectic and mysterious world of the Publishing House.

Clementine (forgive the accent, she’s French) has stayed at Cambridge to become a PhD student in Children’s Literature. Far from the harsh reality of printer deadlines and proofreading, she spends much of her time thinking about what children’s literature is and what it means – not only for children, but also, will you believe it, for adults. She thinks it’s not quite what most people think – if they do think at all about it – and is very keen to prove it.

And of course they both read (a lot!) and write (a bit!). Kid You Not Podcast and the associated blog is their big reunion project.



6 thoughts on “Who’s behind this?

  1. I found these podcasts so well thought-through and cogent, and so inspiring, leading me on to making lots of new connections myself. Thank you so much, Lauren and Clementine.

  2. Oh I am so late to find you and your podcast! Just getting into podcasts and found your wonderful episode on Mothers, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you!

  3. Hi folks,

    I would like to cite Episode 9 in a paper I am writing, but I can’t seem to find your full names.

    Could you help me with the citation.

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