Podcast Episodes

Here are all the past episodes of Kid You Not Podcast. You can also play them on the feed in the right sidebar, or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

  • 1. Episode One     
    : ‘Surely that’s not a children’s book?’
  • 2. Episode Two     
    : ‘Quality and Trash’
  • Episode Three: ‘Special Interview with Jonathan Stroud’
  • Episode Four: ‘Death in Children’s Literature’
  • 3. Episode Five     
    : ‘Why do people read paranormal romance?’
  • Episode Six: ‘Religion in Children’s Literature’
  • Episode Seven: ‘Humour in Children’s Books’
  • 4. Episode Eight     
    : ‘Non-fiction for Children’
  • Episode Nine: ‘Ideology in Children’s Literature’
  • 5. Episode Ten     
    : ‘Sex in Teenage Literature’
  • Episode Eleven: ‘Mothers in Children’s Literature’
  • 6. Episode Twelve     
    : ‘Multiculturalism in Children’s Literature’ – with Sita Brahmachari.

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