What’s it about?

The Podcast

Kid You Not Podcast is one of the very, very few podcasts that currently exist on children’s literature. And it’s a special one, because it’s devised to appeal to everyone – not only parents, not only teachers, not even only people who have an interest in children’s literature. The idea is to get you to think about children’s books, even if you haven’t picked one up for twenty years. What these books say is relevant to you – if you bother to have a look. And this podcast, hopefully, will get you started.

Kid You Not does all the stuff a literary podcast should do – book reviews (short and sweet), interviews (sometimes), news, the occasional writing tip, and our humble opinion on pretty much all of that. But more importantly you’ll get to hear about Big Themes of children’s literature, and why they’re relevant to YOU, adult commuter with perhaps no specific interest in kids or kids’ books.

The Blog

The blog isn’t just a place for the podcast to be posted on. It’s the interactive side of the podcast – with extra material, extra book reviews, and, hopefully, comments from our readers and listeners! Please tell us what you think about what we’re doing. Ask us questions. Let us know about THAT book you’ve just read and how come we haven’t talked about it yet?

And please spread the word, if you like us. Or even if you don’t, and you’re saying it smartly.

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