Episode 10: Sex in Teenage Literature

Everything you always wanted to know about sex in teenage literature, but were too afraid to ask your local librarian…

In Episode 10 of Kid You Not, which is available to download

1. HERE     

(29 minutes), or on iTunes, or in the sidebar of the website, we discuss the omnipresence of sex in teenage literature past and present, and its dark ideological undertones…

In this episode you’ll hear about

  • the shift from didacticism to eroticism in the representation of sex
  • chastity, virginity, NSBF, and other sexy instances of no-sex
  • pregnancy, suicide, and other merry consequences of sex in (most) teenage literature
  • why adult writers are so ambivalent about teenagers doing it, not doing it, losing it, keeping it and thinking about it.

And here are some of the books we’ll be discussing…

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We hope you enjoy the episode. See you next time for a special interview!

Lauren & Clem x