Episode 4: Death in Children’s Literature

In this episode we discuss the omnipresence of death in children’s books… trying to keep it merry and cheerful!

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In this episode you’ll hear about:

  • The books that claim to ‘teach’ children about death
  • The books that claim that death is somehow restorative… for the living!
  • The books that are just completely obsessed with death and therefore meant for teenagers.
  • The books that present death in such an emotional way that Lauren cries even though they’re bad.
  • The books about suicide that Clementine doesn’t approve of.
  • The funny books about death.
  • The truth about life, death and the mysteries of the afterlife inside and outside children’s literature. Maybe.

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To assist you in your long and strenuous journey in the land of the dead, here are the covers of some of the books discussed! You can always find all of them on the Page Of All Books.